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FAQ: what channels/ providers one can open with Magic CAM

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Here is a list of channels one can open with the Magic Module
and an appropriate viewing card.
The Module works with official cards including Seca 2, Viaccess 2 and Irdeto 2 and others.

Betacrypt (Premiere World 19e, Mediavision 23.5e)
Irdeto 1 (stream 13e, dutch c+ 19e, orf 19e, private gold/showtime/romantica 16e)
Seca ( csn france, c+france, canaldigitaal, pro tv,19e, stream 13e)
Viaccess (all, including Viasat, ORT Int., NTV Mir 5e, NTV International 13e), too many to list !!
Nagravison (Via Digital, TV Cabo 30w, Star 42e)
TpsCrypt (multivision/tps 13e)

Update 22/09/02 from TonyDoe's forum. Thanks to Xamuh and Micko

This is list of providers that you can watch by MM, using an appropriate card or WB. List was made by Xamuh.

-Stream (13°E) - AU
-Canal Digitaal(19,2°E)
-Private Gold (16°E) - AU
-Galaxie Sport (10°E)

-ORF Digital (19,2°E)
-Premiere (19,2°E)
-MediaVison (19,2°E, 23,5°E)
-VisionGlobe (23,5°E)
-Sat1.Schweiz (19,2°E)
-BetaDigital 3/4 (19,2°E)

-C+ France (19,2°E)
-CSN (19,2°E)
-Primafila & Stream (13,0°E)
-TPS Numéricable (13,0°E)
-Stream (13,0°E)
-TVBS-Europe (19,2°E)
-AB Sat+ & Cinestar (13,0°E)
-Pro TV (19,2°E)
-Tele+ (13,0°E)
-Tele+ Calcio (13,0°E)
-C+ Belgique (Cable)
-C+ Vlaanderen (Cable)
-Canal Digitaal(19,2°E)
-Mediaset (13,0°E)
-ABSat (19,2°E)
-ZEE TV (105,5°E)
-Eurosport (13,0°E)
-Media Tech(4,0°W)
-C+ Digitaal NL (Cable)
-MTV Networks (19,2°E)

-MTV Networks (19,2°E)
-ABSat (13,0°E - 19,2°E)
-NTV International Russia (13,0°E)
-NTV+ (13,0° - 36,0°E)
-MCM Europe (13,0°E)
-RTV - Radio Televizija Slovenija (13,0°E)
-Game One (13,0°E)
-SRG Swiss (13,0°E)
-Eurosport (13,0°E)
-CNN International (13,0°E)
-HRT - Hrvatska Radio Televizija (13,0°E)
-Deepam TV (13,0°E)
-ViaSat Nordic (1,0 - 5,0°E)
-ViaSat Ticket (5,0°E)
-ViaSat Europe (5,0°E)
-ViaSat30 PPV1 (5,0°E)
-ViaSat40 PPV2 (5,0°E)
-SVT Europa (5,0°E)
-OLD UltraBlue (13,0°E)
-Eurosport - OLD Arabesque (13,0°E)
-CFI Peco Pro (13,0°E)
-BBC Prime (13,0°E - 24,5°E)
-Globecast (21,W°E)
-Cine+ Digital (42°E)
-Televisa (43°W)
-C *** Net (128°E)
-MMBN (88°E)
-Eastern DTH (76,5°E)
-Trueworld/ABC-World (113°E)

-ViaDigital (30°W)
-CaboTV (30°W)
-Star Digital (42°E)
-Polsat (13°E) working only with WallBanger!

TPS Cr*pt:
-TPS France (13,0°E)
-FTCable (13,0°E - 19,2°E)
-C+ France (19,2°E)
-CSN (13,0°E - 19,2°E)
-ART (13,0°W)
-Algerian TV (13,0°W)
-Nile Variety (13,0°W)
-SIC Internacional (16,0°E) first switch any 0500 (viac*ess) channel and then go to SIC Int.
-UPC TV (15°W)
-MTV F (13,0°E)
-VH1 (13,0°E)

As you can see there are lot of interesting things if you have motor of course.
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