Fatal1ty: hardware is key

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Jun 26, 2007
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Johnathan 'Fatal1ty' Wendel has explained to TechRadar why he believes that having the right hardware is vital to being a successful gamer, as he launched the latest Creative sound card that bears his brand.
The Creative X-fi Titanium Fatal1ty series has been released, and Wendel, perhaps the most famous gamer in the western world, insists having the latest tech – be it soundcard or a gaming mouse can make a huge amount of difference.
Down to me
“Hardware is incredibly important to being a top gamer,” said Wendel – a 12 times world champion, “which is why, for me, it’s very important that I have the best equipment.
“That’s one of the reasons I teamed up with Creative. When I go into a tournament I need to know that if anything is going to go wrong it’s down to me and not down to my equipment.
Frag 'n' Chips
“Having a processor chip on board the soundcard was so important to me because soundcards took up so much of the computer’s processor.
“You’re not talking about one or two frames, you are talking a huge difference and it’s vital that I see every frame I possibly can because it’s all about my reaction to what I see.
“Titanium range has the Dolby Digital encoding which means that you have an optical output, and it is a native PCI Express card, which means it runs seamlessly on [Windows] Vista.”