FIA post-race press conference - Hungary


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1st Lewis Hamilton (McLaren), 1h35m52.991s; 2nd Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari), 1h35m53.706s; 3rd Nick Heidfeld (BMW Sauber), 1h36m36.120s.

Q: Lewis, you led every lap from the pole – an amazing day for you with Kimi Raikkonen right behind you giving you pressure all the way.

Lewis Hamilton: Yeah, it’s been an eventful weekend and quite emotional for all the team, I think. We made a really good step forward, the team has been working so hard to improve the car and we came here with a great package. We still weren’t sure whether we would be ahead of the Ferraris but as you could see in the race, they obviously had great pace. Quite early on in the race – in the second stint – I had a problem with my steering, don’t really know what that it was but it made it quite difficult to keep the pace. As you could see, I dropped off a little bit and I was a bit nervous that something was going to break, but thank God it didn’t. But I was told by the radio that everything was fine, so I just had to keep on pushing. Kimi was on my tail for quite a long time and so pushing right to the last lap. He drove a fantastic race, really enjoyed it, but it’s good that we’re back at the top after an eventful race at the last race so it’s good.