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Films on Canal+ Film 1 & 2 / 13th December

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Monday 13th December

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Canal+ Film1

Old School (2003)

14:15 Old School 15 y/o / Comedy / 2003 / Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughn. Directed by Todd Phillips.

Mitch, Frank and Beanie are disillusioned with their personal lives begining when Mitch's nymphomanic girlfriend, Heidi, cheats on him, then former party animal Frank gets married, but unwilling to get go of his wild life, and Beanie is a family man seeking to reclaim his wild and crazy youth. Beanie suggests that they form their own fraternity in Mitch's new house on a college campus to re-live their glory days by bringing tandether a variety of misfit college students, losers, middle-aged and elderly retirees as their new friends and later try to avoid being evicted by the new Dean of Students, Pritchard, whom still holds a personal grudge against all three of them.


Hitler: The Rise of Evil (2003) (TV)

15:45 Hitler - the Rise of Evil 2 (2) / Drama / 2003 / TV / Robert Carlyle, James Babson and Stockard Channing. Directed by Christian Duguay.

A unique slant, profiling the life of Adolf Hitler as a child and his rise through the ranks of the National German Workers' Party prior to World War II.


Queen's Messenger (2000)

17:20 Queen's Messenger / Action / 2000 / Gary Daniels, Teresa Sherrer and David Westhead. Directed by Mark Roper.

By order of Her Majesty's Secret Service, Captain Strong is given a dangerous assignment to deliver a delicate communication to the British Ambassador in Kazakhstan. As the senior officer for the elite Queen's Messenger corps, Captain Strong must pledge to protect his diplomatic cargo with his life.


Tmavomodrý svet (2001)

19:00 Dark Blue World 15 y/o / Drama / 2001 / mixed language / Ondrej Vetchý, Krystof Hádek and Tara Fitzgerald. Directed by Jan Sverák.

March 15, 1939: Germany invades Czechoslovakia. Czech pilots flee to England, joining the RAF. After the war, back home, they are put in labor camps, suspected of anti-Communist ideas. This film cuts between a post-war camp where Franta is a prisoner and England during the war, where Franta is like a big brother to Karel, a very young pilot. On maneuvers, Karel crash lands by the rural home of Susan, an English woman whose husband is MIA. She spends one night with Karel, and he thinks he's found the love of his life. It's complicated by Susan's attraction to Franta. How will the three handle innocence, Eros, friendship, and the heat of battle? When war ends, what then?


Mean Machine (2001)

21:00 Mean Machine 15 y/o / Comedy / 2001 / Vinnie Jones, David Kelly and David Hemmings. Directed by Barry Skolnick.

Disgraced England football Danny Meehan is sentanced to three years to prison for assulting two policemen. On the inside Danny meets some strange charachters whilst taking a beating from guards, Danny is asked by the govenor of the prison to coach the prisons football team but Danny refuses and suggests that the Guards take the Cons on in a football match. Danny now has to train the cons for the big match up but its not as easy at it seems as the govenor uses blackmail against Danny prior to the big match.


The Wooden Camera (2003)

23:00 The Wooden Camera / Family film / 2003 / Jean-Pierre Cassel, Dana de Agrella and Innocent Msimango. Directed by Ntshaveni Wa Luruli.

A township near Cape Town. Two 14 years old kids, Madiba and Sipho, find a gun and a camera. Sipho takes the gun and Madiba the camera, sealing their fate...


Canal+ Film2

The Actors (2003)

13:15 The Actors 15 y/o / Comedy / 2003 / Michael Caine, Michael Caine and Dylan Moran. Directed by Conor McPherson.

Let's start with the good news. Child actress, very good, convincing. Lena Headey as Dolores, stunning, smouldering, good performance, I'll come back to her in a moment. Dylan Moran as Tom, good enough. Michael Caine as fading actor O'Malley, quite good, believable. Michael Gambon as Barreller, mostly quite good though sometimes he did look a bit too much like, well, Michael Gambon. Plot a bit perfunctory, Tom (at O'Malley's suggestion) pretends to be someone who Barreller owes money to and collects it instead. Things then start going wrong.


Flower & Garnet (2002)

14:45 Flower & Garnet / Drama / 2002 / Callum Keith Rennie, Jane McGregor and Alisha Penev. Directed by Keith Behrman.

This film is getting a lot of press in Vancouver. This is not only because it is locally made, but also because it is very well executed. I was tempted to dismiss it as just another Canadian slice-of-life film. It is that, but it is a superb example of the genre. The characters grew on me and a lot is communicated from the looks on their faces. This film is worth seeing, even if you're not Canadian.


Owning Mahowny (2003)

16:30 Owning Mahowny 15 y/o / Thriller / 2003 / Philip Seymour Hoffman, Minnie Driver and John Hurt. Directed by Richard Kwietniowski.

Dan Mahowny was a rising star at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. At twenty-four he was assistant manager of a major branch in the heart of Toronto's financial district. To his colleagues he was a workaholic. To his customers, he was astute, decisive and helpful. To his friends, he was a quiet, but humorous man who enjoyed watching sports on television. To his girlfriend, he was shy but engaging. None of them knew the other side of Dan Mahowny--the side that executed the largest single-handed bank fraud in Canadian history, grossing over $10 million in eighteen months to feed his gambling obsession.


Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (2002)

20:00 Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron / Family film / 2002 / Directed by Kelly Asbury and Lorna Cook.

As a wild stallion travels across the frontiers of the Old West, he befriends a young human and finds true love with a mare.

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