Final BBC frequencies!!

30/06/03 New EPG positioning for BBC One regions confirmed
SDO has exclusive details about BBC One's up and coming regional services that begin in July. We can reveal to you exclusively that your local version of both BBC One and Two will set as default on EPG 101 and 102 respectively. Other regions of BBC One will be available also on the EPG unlike ITV where manual tuning is required. Each region will be allocated an EPG number in the 900 band. The list is available here. Viewers in the Irish Republic will continue to get BBC One Northern Ireland on EPG 214 and BBC2 Northern Ireland on EPG 215. Other regions will have to be added manually. The Cambridge feed will be ready by the end of July. There is no known date for Channel Islands yet. Whichever region you get on EPG 101 or EPG 102, one BBC One channel and one BBC Two channel will be missing from your 900 list. Finally, 10.773, 10.803 are Horizontal polarisation.10.788, 10.818 and 10.847 are Vertical polarisation. BBC goes Free To Air from Thursday 10th July, with the regional BBC services being available from Tuesday 29th July.

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And here is the list with the freq. and EPG number!!!!

EPG No. Channel Frequency Location
101 BBC One local
102 BBC Two local

941 BBC One Scotland 10803 Glasgow
942 BBC One Wales 10803 Cardiff
943 BBC One Northern Ireland 10773 Belfast
944 BBC One London 10773 London
945 BBC One North East & Cumbria 10818 Newcastle
946 BBC One Yorkshire & North Midlands 10788 Leeds
947 BBC One East Yorkshire & Lincolnshire 10788 Hull
948 BBC One North West 10788 Manchester
949 BBC One West Midlands 10788 Birmingham
950 BBC One East Midlands 10788 Nottingham
951 BBC One East 10788 Norwich
952 BBC One East 10847 Cambridge
953 BBC One South East 10818 Tunbridge Wells
954 BBC One South 10818 Southampton
955 BBC One South 10818 Oxford
956 BBC One West 10818 Bristol
957 BBC One South West 10818 Plymouth
958 BBC One Channel Islands 10847 Jersey
959 BBC Two London 10773 London
960 BBC Two Scotland 10803 Glasgow
961 BBC Two Wales 10803 Cardiff
962 BBC Two Northern Ireland 10803 Belfast

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Announcement: As you may have noticed last night's "BBC regions channel numbers" story has been removed due to legal constraints. We are unable to publish the information provided at this particular time. We shall be revealing more information on this story in days to come, please bear with us. Apologies for any inconvenience caused

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