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Ok so i got my recivers (Hitachi,Amstrad 510)30 inch dish and universal LNB all hooked up.At my friends house we just kind of waved the dish around until we got a picture and low and behold we got one eventually we think it was Astra 19.2.

My problem is this.I live in a apartment building all the balconys on my side of the block have no dishes at all the other side has loads!So I presume I cant get nothing here?The strange thing is that the other block of apartments in front of mine has dishes and from what I have made I can angel my dish to line up with theirs.

So can I get anything I presume I face west?

Also what does say 19.2E or 28E mean?28 degress East?East of what?Also I dont know how to use a compass ;((((


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All of the directions are expressed commonly as East or West of True South, so looking at the 360 degrees on a compass and with 180 degrees being magnetic South, 19.2 E would be around 160 degrees. You also also have to make an allowance for magnetic variation, but the magnetic position can be used as a general guide.