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Hi all !

I promised to post my first impressions of the box.

Here it comes :

Most of you reading this post may be familiar with DB already.
For me it was totally uncharted territory. Having used a StarSat
box for the past year, it came as a bit of shock, especially the
time it took for the box to boot.

I managed to install the latest Gemini image and got to get a few
channels to watch on Hotbird. My previous experience with linux
came in handy and I was able to set up the network quickly
and was inside the box using telnet.

Since Evocamd was released for
this box, I am able to watch some of the encrypted channels.
Its a nice change to see the box updating tps keys automatically.

Compared to the other fine-tuned images for the previous boxes,
images for 7025 are evolving and am sure all the utilities available
for 7020 and previous boxes will be available soon.

I am a bit disappointed by the tuner. In comparison to my other
STB (StarSat 200CI+), for the same channel, there was some
pixelation on the DB while there was none on the StarSat. To be
fair to DB, it could well be an issue with the image I am using now.

The other thing which struck me was that the DB runs pretty hot.
The top of the box was a bit too hot to my liking. I am already thinking
of installing some sort of cooling system for it.

In an earlier post, I had mentioned the missing RJ-11 jack (for
a modem). Though mentioned in the specs, it was missing. My
email to Dream Box support has still not elicited any response. Even
the manual which came with the 7025 is useless. Had it not been for
the internet and manuals of other boxes, I doubt whether I could
have got it working.

I get the feeling that this model was released half-baked. Lack of a proper
manual even after 2 months of release of the box is a shame.

I have no hard feelings though. I knew very well what I was getting into.
This thing is occupying me for a few hours every day and that is worth
my while ! I still cannot get the EMU to work as a CS client though my
config seems to be fine. It could well be that the CS servers that I am
using (addresses obtained from the net) could be refusing connections.
Would be much obliged if someone could PM me with their CS server
details for me to test to see whether CS over the net actually works.

Lastly, I fail to understand the high retail price. Agreed that development
and other costs in Germany must be high; it surely does not come through
as value for money especially when everyone else is talking of a 100 $ PC.



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you make some good points
Yes it does get HOT!!! in fact im thinking of getting one installed in the kitchen and cooking on it lol

some of the other negatives though, will get better in time.... its a bit of a love hate relationship at first.

me personally i hoped for too much, it was my first non sky sat system... and i expected loads of english channels like sky does, but for free lol.

i dont regret it though, i love it now :)


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teething problems it sounds like with the you said,it could also be the image as well.i have the 7000 and am very happy with it.for what it costs and what it can do,i think the dm500 is an excellent value for money just waiting for the release of the 500 with hard drive,so i can check out the



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Me I sold my 7020 (and a 7000 too :)) and am thinking whether to go for the 7020 again which has been improved or the 7025.
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Its still som good dreambox

keep up the good dream and dream on

and al is work very fine :-rofl2