Five launches audio-description on Sky



UK broadcaster Five is to become the first UK public service broadcaster to offer audio-description on Sky.

The channel has decided to launch the service on 3 December, the International Day of Disabled Persons.The adoption by Five of BSkyB's audio description technology will enable blind and visually impaired people to enjoy a wider choice of accessible programmes.

Sky already offers more than than 3,000 hours of audio described programmes each year on BSkyB's own channels including Sky One, Sky Sports and Sky Movies. Five is the first third-party broadcaster to take advantage of the technology, which enhances accessibility of television programmes by allowing blind and visually impaired viewers to hear a description of what the characters on screen are doing.


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Didn't know that the service existed at all Net1, but quite impressed that it does, I would guess that Martin with his site for the visually impaired will have a lot of info on this.