Flickering bulb that was piece of art is mistakenly repaired



A repair man has fixed a flickering light bulb on a Glasgow street sign not knowing it was a valuable piece of art.

The 'faulty' lightbulb was in a neon 'Empire' sign on Brunswick Lane and was the central part of a £200,000 work by Turner-prize winning artist, Douglas Gordon.

The sign was deliberately wired so the letter P blinked to match that of the Empire Hotel in Alfred Hitchcock's 1958 film Vertigo.

Gordon's sign has hung on the wall of a pub in Brunswick Lane since 1998, reports the Daily Mail.

When it was installed Gordon said the sign aimed to show 'what happens in real life is a reflection of what happens in cinema'.

Glasgow City Council says none of their workmen had 'repaired' the sign but Glasgow Visual Arts Project says they are aware of the incident and that the display will be restored.