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From the BBC News Desk

How Hawk-Eye is being trialled to settle goal-line disputes

Standing on some scaffolding at a windy Reading training ground, the mastermind of Hawk-Eye is developing his system for use in football.

Paul Hawkins, armed with a walkie-talkie, is conducting operations to come up with an infallible method of determining whether or not a ball has crossed the line.

He has been contracted to do so by the Premier League and Hawkins is placing the emphasis on perfection rather than meeting a deadline.

The inventor of a system used to resolve certain issues in both cricket and tennis has played down the notion that football will be utilising another Hawk-Eye development next season.

"There is still a long way to go yet," he told BBC Sport.

"We are going to be developing it and then testing it. The process of testing is to throw balls around the goalposts in different scenarios and to see if the system gets it right everytime.