Former local tv channels back in analogue days


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Jul 26, 2003
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I rest my case there is no demand for local tv in the UK - look at this list for operating & planned local tv services back in analogue days. Look at the "pending" list - most if not all of these never got on air.

On Air
= Askham Bryan 54 W H 5k SE558478 TV York
= Black Hill 48 B H 10k NS828647 Thistle TV Lanarkshire
= Bolton Water Tower 39 E H 4k 182 SD696065 Channel M Manchester
= Cogenhoe United FC 33 A H 1k SP824603 Midlands Cable TV Northampton
= Coleraine 48 CD H 1k C 824337 C9tv (North West TV) Coleraine
= Fawley 29 A H 4k SU473022 My TV Network Southampton
= Gosport 29 A H 1k SZ622997 My TV Network Portsmouth & Southsea
= Merlin Cardiff 49 B H 120 ST194755 Capital TV Cardiff (testing)
= Millbrook 55 W V 200 SU347138 My TV Network Southampton
= New York Farm 68 CD H 4k SK662104 MATV Channel 6 (Middlesex Broadcasting Corp.) Leicester
= Oxford 47 E H 10k SP567105 Six TV - The Oxford Channel
= Rowridge 54 W H 2k SZ447865 Solent TV Isle of Wight
= Sheriff's Mountain 21 W H 5k C 405176 C9tv (North West TV) Derry
= Stradreagh 48 CD H 500 C 722274 C9tv (North West TV) Limavady

Bakers Wood 57 W H TL660034 Herts TV Chelmsford (planning)
Barnsley 63 E V SE332057 Barnsley TV (suspended)
Bath 50 W H 50 ST743629 City TV Bath (pending)
= Ballygomartin 62 W H 1k J 292765 Northern Visions Belfast (licensed)
= Black Hill 59 E H 10k NS828647 GOTV Glasgow (licensed)
Brading 63 W V 500 SZ612872 TV-12 Isle of Wight (pending; to become Solent TV)
Brierley Hill 67 CD V 100 SO916856 Black Country TV (pending)
Bristol Ilchester Crescent 66 E H 500 ST577700 City TV Bristol (formerly testing)
Bury Farm Knebworth 51 W H 1k TL263201 Herts TV Stevenage (pending)
Caistor 62 W H 5k TA127007 Lincolnshire TV Hull (pending)
= Caldbeck 48 K H 10k NY299425 Carlisle TV (licensed)
Caldicott Trust School 64 W H SU957843 Panjabi TV Slough (planning)
Chartam 29 A V TR103561 Very Local TV Canterbury (suspended)
Chartershall 56 E H 200 NS803886 Channel 6 Stirling (status unknown)
Churchdown Hill 51 W V SO880188 City TV Cheltenham & Gloucester (planning)
Craigkelly 52 W H 3k2 NT233872 Channel 6 Edinburgh (status unknown)
Crosspool 63 W V SK324870 Praxis Pictures Sheffield (suspended)
= Dallington Park 48 CD V 65 SP742612 Midlands Cable TV Dallington (licensed)
Durris 48 K H 50k NO763899 formerly Channel 6 Aberdeen (to be reallocated)
East Ravendale 63 W H 500 TA234004 Lincolnshire TV Grimsby (pending)
Gilwell Park 41 K H 1k5 TQ388969 Herts TV Lea Valley (suspended)
= Gospel Oak 48 B H SP185589 Bard TV Stratford-upon-Avon (cleared)
= Hartwood Hospital 67 E H 10k NS841590 Thistle Technology Group Lanarkshire (licensed)
= Hemlington 67 W H 10k NZ503136 Teeside TV Stockton, Middlesbrough & Redcar (cleared)
= Hengistbury Head 29 A H SZ172906 My TV Network Bournemouth (cleared)
Henley-on-Thames 61 CD V SU780822 Herts TV Henley on Thames (planning)
Hertford 52 CD V 1k TL320137 Home TV Hertford and Ware (status unknown)
Hill Farm 66 W H TM106445 Herts TV Ipswich (planning)
Kentishes Farm 64 E H TL793263 Herts TV Braintree (planning)
Kilvey Hill Lower 52 W V 1k SS667939 Coast to Coast TV Swansea (pending)
Little Barford Church 55 W H 500 TL178569 Herts TV St Neots (pending)
Luccombe 48 K V 1k SZ581800 TV-12 Isle of Wight (pending; to become Solent TV)
Luton 68 CD H 800 TL081210 Herts TV Luton (pending)
Lye Green 68 E H ST817597 City TV West Wiltshire (planning)
Madingley 56 W H 1k TL392594 Herts TV Cambridge (pending)
Millburn Muir 66 E V 100 NS378796 Firth of Clyde TV Dumbarton (planning)
= New Forest Council 48 K H SZ321958 Local TV Lymington (planning)
North Petherton 68 W H ST270330 City TV Bridgwater (planning)
Norwich Central? . TG237098 Abacus TV Norwich (pending)
= Nunnington Farm 46 K H 1k SZ789989 Radio Enterprises Chichester & Bognor Regis (licensed)
= Oliver's Mount 68 CD V TA040869 Praxis Pictures Scarborough (cleared)
Oxford 65 CD H 1k SP567105 Herts TV Bicester (pending)
Perth 47 B V 1k NO108212 Channel 6 Perth (testing)
Raith Hill 31 A H 300 NS394266 On Ayr TV (pending)
= Redruth 56 E H SW690395 James Driscoll Associates Cornwall (cleared)
= Rosemarkie 52 B H 10k NH762623 Caledonia TV Inverness (licensed)
St Thomas 49 K V 100 SX898922 City TV Exeter (pending)
Sheerhatch Wood 52 W H 5k TL131482 Herts TV Bedford (pending)
Stone 65 CD H SP782122 Herts TV Aylesbury (planning)
Strabane 27 W H H 393947 C9tv (North West TV) Strabane (suspended)
Sulhamstead 62 E H 1k SU642691 Reading TV (pending)
Sunrise House 54 W H TQ128796 Sunrise TV Southall (suspended)
= Tacolneston 68 CD H 10k TM131958 TV Norwich (licensed)
Taunton 50 W H 1k ST250293 City TV Taunton (status unknown)
Tay Bridge 49 B V 500 NO430284 Channel 6 Dundee (status unknown)
= Toothill 48 K H 1k SU384180 Local TV Romsey & Totton (planning)
Toplers Hill 53 W H 1k TL214403 Herts TV Letchworth, Hitchin & Baldock (pending)
Tunbridge Wells 68 E V TQ607440 Very Local TV Tunbridge Wells (suspended)
Ventnor 33 A V 2k SZ567783 TV-12 Isle of Wight (pending; to become Solent TV)
West End 53 W H TL254083 Herts TV Welwyn Garden City (planning)
Weston 62 W H 500 SU444097 My TV Network Southampton (pending)
Wood Green Animal Shelter 44 K H TL263685 Herts TV Huntingdon (planning)
Bridges TV Rochdale (pending)

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