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Formula One

My Satellite Setup
Hi all, I am new to this site so please excuse me if I am asking any duff questions. I am looking for FTA stations that cover F1 (especially qualifying) as I am sick of the coverage on ITV. I was in Bosnia a little while ago and know that RTL had coverage. I am not bothered what language it is in as I plan to listen to the coverage on Five Live.

Please help.


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My Satellite Setup
1 meter dish
60 cm dish-sky
applo analouge reciver
grundig digital reciver
thinking of buying technomate 5000ci or
manathan plaza 300-ir
My Location
cork county ireland
Well i think the best way to get f1 is to buy a simple fixed system and point it at astra 1 (19.2e). ntv shows the friday practice live-dsf shows it at 5:30 on friday evening the saturday qualifying is on rtl as is extinsive race coverage.