Fortec Star FS-4400 (A.K.A. FS4400) - Joining Output Files


Oct 16, 2009
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Fortec Star 4400 / Windows XP
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Bolton, Greater Manchester, England
After days of searching, I've finally found some software which will seamlessly (and losslessly) join the .dvr files from the Fortec Star 4400 into one large MPEG2 .ts file, ready for editing in VideoReDo Plus.

It's called TS-Doctor and you can download it here:

I allowed it to install the Matroska splitter during installation, but didn't tick the boxes to disable my existing Matroska splitters. I probably didn't need to install the bundled splitter at all, as I'm only going to use it for joining files, not converting between file formats...

Once installed, drag the directory containing your recorded .dvr files onto your PC's hard drive from your Fortec's USB drive (you don't need to, but it saves the output .ts file to the same directory as the input files - and your PC may have more room for large files). Hopefully, whichever drive you use won't be FAT32 formatted, as the merged output .ts file might not save, due to its size.

Start-up TS-Doctor and simply drag and drop the file named "" onto the application. It'll come up with a message, stating that the files "don't start with valid data" and will ask if you want to cut - press YES.

And that's all there is to it. Amazing really. It's exremely fast too. :)

There is one drawback... The developer has decided that although the program is Freeware whilst in beta-testing, the current release has a trial period which expires on December 31st 2009!!!


Additional info that you won´t find on Cypheros wepage:

Although TSDoctor Beta has a 30 day trial limit you will be able to fully use it until the end of this year! (The countdown timer in the software is more a kind of a reminder to always look for and download latest version.)

As long as TS-Doctor is Beta (even versions higher than 1.0) the software will stay free.

Cypheros hasn´t yet determined if later "full releases" of his software will be Freeware, Shareware, Open-Source-Software or Donationware.

Hopefully, just rewinding my PC's clock before using the program will stop it from expiring. This software is incredible and it'd be a crying shame if Cypheros decided to stop updating the program.

p.s. The Fortec Star 4400's ".dvr" files are the same as "Comag .dvr" files. TS-Doctor can also join Comag SL100 HD .dvr files.