Foul-mouthed parrot on the loose



The owners of an escaped wolf-whistling parrot who is said to behave like Homer Simpson have appealed for help finding him.

The missing African grey parrot flew off from his Suffolk home on Saturday. He's named Homer and continuously chants expletives and the phrase "Homer, stop it!"

Homer is grey in colour with white around the eyes with a red tail. He likes to watch television, particularly the US cartoon show.

"We always watch the Simpsons and when we go out, we usually leave the TV on for him, particularly when the Simpsons is on. He could have got anywhere by now," said his owner Emma Robinson, 23.

In addition to the three bad swear words he knows, Homer's vocabulary also contains the words hello, goodbye, get off, as well as a tuneful rendition of the Addams family theme, which co-owner Paul Mead has taught him.

Mr Mead, of Stowmarket, says he stumbled while walking with the bird on his shoulder and it panicked and took off.

Mr Mead says he misses Homer and that his home is too quiet without the bird.