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Get FREE CONNECTION to Top Up TV in time for Christmas

You could now be enjoying 10 great Top Up TV channels through your set top box or digital TV.

As a special Christmas offer, we'll give you FREE CONNECTION - a saving of £20 - if you sign up by Sunday December 19.

For a taster of the great programming that's in store for you, check out the Top Up TV Sampler Channel now on Channel 36. Plus it'll tell you everything you need to know about getting Top Up TV.

Bringing you 10 of the best digital channels for just £7.99 a month, it really is the easiest way to Top Up your Freeview service. Plus, there's no annual contract, so you just pay one month at a time.

So hurry!! To take advantage of this limited period special offer, call us on 08700 543210 quoting 'XMA1' before December 19 and we'll sort it all out for you in one simple call.