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free PPV



hi all new to this kind of thing so please be gentle :-) i have been given information as to how to programme your sky box dial prefix to give you free PPV i have tryed it once and it seems to have worked as sky have no record of me haveing had the event. can you tell me if im heading down a slippery slope or if others have had the same information , thank you all . ganja007 ;-)


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If you do a search with the keywords "Free PPV" it will bring up several threads about this very subject, the following thread is one of them http://www.satellites.co.uk/scripts/webforum/DCForumID23/242.html .

Basically it outlines the no such thing as a free lunch maxim, the method does work, but it only affords a brief holiday, as the PPV stops working when the card's credit limit is reached and the only way to make it work again is to reconnect the phone line.