Free Sky Remote Control for Disabled Sky customers

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Sky has a Disability Department where you can register with them as being a disabled user. I emailed them to ask for their free Sky remote control designed for disabled users. I didn't get any response so I phoned Sky and spoke to an adviser who could help me get one of these eg for a standard Sky box or a Sky + box. So I requested the Sky + box remote control and it was delivered a few days later. I saved about £10 to £15 on that.

Over the last 6 months, my return to Sky discount saved me £100 and after 6 months I phoned Sky and asked for another discount to help me keep Sky Movies. I got an extra discount till the end of the 12-months contract and saved £44. That's £12 a month saved.

Now Sky are offering a free Sky + HD box according to the November 2009 magazine. I'd like HD quality, but unless I get a discount, it's a bit much what with a Colour TV licence and getting a TV with HD options!

Maybe Sky can help yet again, but it has to be another phone call as they didn't phone me back! I can't think why...