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Free to air with Astro Decoder: Philips DSX6170/68A

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Hi all. Im currently a Subscriber of ASTRO Malaysia. I have the receiver Philips DSX7072/68H. I want to know how i can use it to receive Free to Air TV. I am not interested in getting free Astro. I just want to recive free sat tv with this receiver. when i change the frequency and all for the satellite im trying to point at the signal is just received as zero. Is there any way for me to unlock the decoder?


PS: I still have the old Astro SmartCard(MediaGuard 1) even though it cant be used since astro changed to MediaGuard2.


Amo Amas Amant Admin
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Welcome to the forum BaronVonchesto

Unless you can find the exact model you will have problems, it does not appear to be listed here