Freecam 2.017 + Manhattan DSR 5500 CIM



After searching the whole of the forum for the "freecam 2.017" information I have read it all, therefore I may have the answer to the following question already but parting with another £100 is why I'm still asking

Does it matter what receiver is used with the freecam 2.017 ?

As you can see above what my system is, I currently have just bought an Irdeto 2 cam but more than likely will be changing it (plus cash) for the freecam, but I see on Phils site that there are several files stating "for use on patched Humax" etc etc but should the alternative files work with the set up I have ?

Reading the earlier post with the Echostar AD3000i it seems to be clear enough that it works but before I part with more cash could you advise please.

I have no problem with my SECA cam & card (plus files) so there is no real need for the freecam to give me SECA again but I'm more interested in the Irdeto, Viaccess & nagravision & betacrypt :)

Thanks in anticipation.




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Different receivers may well react diferently to a particular combination of CAM and card. Whether or not you can receive a channel reliably, or at all, can vary from receiver to receiver when you start playing around with modified CAMs and hobby cards. None of that, after all, is officially supported by the receiver manufacturer!

And the patched embedded Irdeto CAM of a Humax also behaves differently from an FreeCAM.
You'll find with a FreeCAM and an Echostar receiver, for example, that no single 3-in-1 (or 4-in-1 etc) card will allow you to watch channels from all the supposedly supported encryption systems - you will always be limited to a subset of the supported encryption systems (eg Seca and Via but not Irdeto and Nagra) - and which subset is something that you can only influence by editing the files before you program the card. On the other hand, a single card in a patched Humax WILL allow access to all.

Often, it's a question of just suck-it-and-see.