Freecom drive - easier than dreambox?


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Network MediaPlayer Drive-In Kit. Digital Media Adapter.
With LAN, USB 2.0 & AV Output

Features :
Store & play DivX/MPEG-4 movies
Store & play MP3,WMA, OGG Vorbis
Store and view JPEG pictures
Can be used as external hard drive
Built your own hard drive in
Easy installation
Connects to your network
Stream AV files from any network PC on your TV or HiFi
Noise free operation (fanless)
Including remote control
Firmware upgradeable
All connection cables included
2 years warranty

I could never get streaming vids from pc to dreambox to work. This drive will play MPEG1,2,4, AVI's XVID, DIVX. I'm hoping it can do WMA too but the datasheet doesn't mention it. It could be a handy toy for a dreambox owner? Its about £80 without a drive and you can fit a 500GB drive in apparently. Anyone got one?


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I have this drive-in kit with a 400Gb drive.

I record from DM, re-code and store and play from there.

It will not play WM video. But at home I have a KiSS DP-1500 which plays content from this box using EZLinkNG on my PC (which is in my cellar).

I also upscale over component to my projector at 720p with this box.

Any more questions?

Edit: go have a butchers at those who modify firmware etc: