Freesat channel list transfer.



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Eurobird 5° west 80cm dish for fransat. Astra 2 28.28.2°east for freesat 75cm dish.
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Hi to all,

I have just bought the 2017 European Panasonic oled TX-EZ950 TV without freesat built in ( couldn’t get the 55 TX-EZ952B UK model into the car to bring back to France).
There is a transfer channel list option in the TV menu which lets you import/export satellite channels to/from theTV using a USB stick.
I have a Dish setup on Astra 28.2 E and get all channels well.
When I import channels to a usb, it contains an svl.bin file which I can’t open. Sorting channels in the TV menu is possible but too much of a pain.
I would be very pleased if anybody on the forum could let me know how I could get hold of an svl.bin file containing the full freesat channel list in the right order. Also, is it possible to incude the freesat epg as well?
My wife doesn’t want a freesat box with an additional remote just to get the channels in the right order.
I don’t think freesat is available on a pcmcia cam. The TV has two cam slots.
This is my first post and I am sorry if it’s a bit long winded,
Thanks in advance,

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I think the model you have is just a free to air satellite tuner. You can get all the free satellite channels but you will have to sort them manually. This software can help sort the channels.
The model sold in the UK EZ952 has a freesat tuner, and can only be sold in the UK in that configuration.