Freeview explosion continues



The BBC has released figures showing that Freeview is now available in an estimated 4 million homes in the UK.

The results mean that BBC’s digital television channels, radio networks and interactive services are available in over 13 million UK households.

The BBC claim Freeview, the digital terrestrial television (DTT) service, launched less than 20 months ago, has hastened digital take-up amongst existing analogue viewers.

DTT is now the second largest digital platform in the UK.

This will come as good news to both the BBC, as it is a shareholder in Freeview, and the Government who are pushing for complete analogue switch off.

Carolyn Fairbairn, director of strategy and distribution, BBC, said: “DTT was in crisis before Freeview’s launch.

“These new figures are a considerable landmark, and consolidate DTT as the second digital platform in the UK – and the first choice for free-to-view consumers.”

In total there are almost 4.4 million Freeview boxes and integrated digital televisions (iDTV’s) in the market, of which around 375,000 serve as second and third sets in those homes using digital television technology for the first time.

This is further good news for the Government, as it means more homes are recognising the benefits of converting all their televisions to receive a fuller range of services.

The news comes as Freeview won two prizes at the Marketing Society 2004 awards – the Best Consumer Insight and Best New Brand.