Freeview HD PVR


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Mar 16, 2008
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TD 78 and Freesat+
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Furthest outpost of the EUSSR
I am looking for a single tuner FreeviewHD receiver/stb with usb that can be used as a pvr.
I now have reliable Freeview reception (at last) along with Saorview, so I need a receiver that can be used in this way, and set timers manually, so I don't need to leave it swtched on all day, or be home in time just to record Neighbours (I know, I know) from RTE 2 HD, about a week ahead of Channel 5 .
I record from my present Freview HD box to a Pioneer DVD/HDD via scart, but I have to leave on the FVHD box or be sure I'm back in time to switch it on.
Any pointers please? It needs to be cheap too!
My present FVHD box is a Metronic, with sound issues via HDMI, and no USB PVR facility, obviously.