Freezing on TPS channels


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I have a Humax F1-VACI and I am using a Gold Card for the TPS bouquet. The receiver has the 2.05.03 software loaded (in theory the Via 2 patch).

The channels mostly work fine - every now and again a channel will freeze for a couple of seconds and the receiver displays a message "Please check the card" but then the channel comes back. Its not bad enough to effect viewing as it only happens at the most once an hour but its just annoying. However on the new TPS Cinecomedy channel the picture freezes and unfreezes constantly - around every 5 to 10 seconds.

Is this a fault with the card (and its keys) or the receiver? I know the Humax is pretty old and I was wondering if I splashed out and bought a new receiver would it solve the problem.



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I have the same problem mate.

Its not the Box or the card its the dish its slightly out of alignment..

On my box it displays Scrammbled Channel.. I have to unplug the Box and it will work fine again, If im lucky it will display Bad Signal.. Mines not the fact its not aligned its the fact that it has allot of wind hitting it and it knocks the signal off thus causing the problem..

I had to reboot twice on sunday whilst watching the Chelsea match on tps foot..

Your card cant work one minute then stop the next only to come back on :)

Have a look on BBC Prime, what signal are you getting on this channel??

Hope this helps :)