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Sep 28, 2005
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Have a great time celebrating - all the best.

Birth Date:20th JuneColour:Milky WhiteNumber:2 ,22, 11Stone:Rainbow moonstone – connected to your ruler the moon tunes you into your emotions and grants a wish.Flower:DigitalisPet:pet RockCareer:Teacher, Guide , HelperKey Features:Generous , Giving , EngagingNaturally good at:Giving hugsCharacter:Lovable and real you are affectionate and tender with all you meet. Sometimes this makes lesser mortals suspicious of you thinking you must have something sinister to hide beneath that sugary veneer, but no! Show them this; it is all true you just love to love and you have a huge heart.Life Path:You may run off to be a nun in outer Mongolia or want to feed the poor in Afghanistan , but even if you do not follow these lofty ideals you will always be around for your pals. You have a few hangers on because of this so gage who listens to you before you give so unconditionallyLove:You feel you don’t have time for love as your social life is packed to the rafters, however when you do find “the one” your life takes on a new dimension so be open to it and if you have found it cherish it. A cancer will understand you as their ruler, the moon is your birth number ruler.Best Present:A Moonstone Necklace , A Cooking Course.