Friday´s Birthday Party

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Sep 28, 2005
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It is Birthday Party Time, have a great day.

Birth Date:4th JulyColour:Cobalt Blue , LavenderNumber:44 , 31 , 16Stone:Turquoise – A Native American Indian protection stone and the truth stone.Flower:HeliotropePet:EagleCareer:Zoo Keeper , Linguist , Bar OwnerKey Features:Stubborn , Thoughtful , SympatheticNaturally good at:Remaining objective in an argument and winning it.Character:You love to banter and argue but do not take things as personally as most Cancerians do. In fact you are quite stubborn and thick skinned. You would work well in any job that involves people, risk and the element of a hero. Being a fireman or woman would give you a buzz and fulfil your need for danger and service to mankind.Life Path:It is not a coincidence that you were born on the American day of independence. You have a courageous spirit and like to fight the good fight if someone needs defending or protecting. You are not at all aggressive though and can often get out of any difficulties with your inspired conversation.Love:Again you are unusual for a cancer as you do not like to be too pinned down or possessed by your lover. You like to spend time doing homely things about once a week to recharge but are always gallivanting around. Find yourself a free spirited Aquarius who’s ruler is your birth ruler Uranus.Best Present:A Day At The Races, Stock Car Racing ,