Friday´s Birthday Party

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Sep 28, 2005
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A perfect day for a Party - Have a great day and many more to come.

Birth Date:22nd AugustColour:LavenderNumber:22,4 ,13Stone:Obsidian – helps you face your fearsFlower:JasminePet:Adopt A RhinoCareer:Critic , Columnist , Pool PlayerKey Features:Forward, Cutting , Jovial Naturally good at:Witty one linersCharacter:You have a sharp tongue but tend to only put people down who are arrogant. You use humour as a weapon and wield your wit wildly. You prize yourself on your intellectual abilities and always have your head in a book, some of you that do not like reading can get obsessed with television and can recite lines from famous films as a party trick.Life Path:You’re amusing and have a big personality. Often out socializing or partying you try hard to live up to your commitments but actually prefer to be out having a good time. Unless you work in a creative field you find work tedious but because you love fine things you persevere with it.Love:You dip in and out of relationships but will only really settle with someone who allows you a certain amount of freedom. You may like to pair up with an Aquarius who shares your birthday ruler Uranus.Best Present:Antique Print , Orchid Tree