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Sep 28, 2005
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A perfect day for a Birthday Party - have some fun today !

Birth Date: 25th July Colour: Ocean Blue Number: 7, 16 , 34 Stone: Blue lace agate – helps you speak your truth and be true to yourself Flower: Virginia Creeper Pet: Adopt A Seal Career: Private Detective , Pilot , Captain Key Features: Deep , Daydreamer , Changeable Naturally good at: Sensing others frustration and helping out Character: You get confused by things very easily as you are consumed by your emotions, you focus on them before they settle and keep changing your mind. This drives others crazy because you say things with such force , being a Leo , and then contradict them seconds or minutes later. Allow your emotional process to complete before opening your mouth. Life Path: You combine strength of character with sensitivity, which is a powerful mixture. People love you for it but you drive yourself up the wall always searching for the illusive meaning of life. You get bored easily and yearn for long distant travel or exulted love to distract you. Love: When you really fall in love you feel a spiritual and karmic connection with your partner, you love to look deep into their eyes and feel yourself merging into one. Try a Pisces who’s ruler is your birth day ruler Neptune. Best Present: Canoe Trip , Date By A Waterfall