from analogue to digi

My Satellite Setup
1.25 mter dish
pace analogue at moment
I ve got a 1 .25 metre dish

I use it with a universal lnb

and a pace box to get analogue channels

mainly on astra and hotbird

I thought its time I went digital

but Im confused what to get

I ve heard about cams and cards you can update and get codes from the net

I ve heard of what was it viacam or something

My fear is that I buy a certain box then when I use it and figure it all out I ll wish I d bought one with a certain double cam or other

is this kind of info on the net anywhere

can anyone give any advice

thanks for any help


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125cm Gibbi with Channelmaster feedhorn and Inverto C120 twin.
36v H to H 62E - 61.5W
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Hi mate - welcome to the forum. :)

First you need to decide what you want to watch and if it is possible from your location.
Then how much do you want to spend on kit.
When you have a fixed idea of these two then we can narrow it down a bit for you.


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If you are 'mainly' on Astra/Hotbird, then it sounds like you are able to steer the dish to other satellites, which is a good thing, but you need to look at a digitasl box capable of commands to point and move East/West.

If you can take a picture of the outdoor kit and post it, someone here will be able to advise if the dish can be upgraded to a digital compatible LNB.

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My Satellite Setup
1.25 mter dish
pace analogue at moment
thanks for those comments

by the way I did nt get notification of the replies even

though I clicked for immed notification

anyway Im prob in the £200 £ 250 RANGE of price

I saw on the net a sell off of old stock digital sat for 50 quid

but prob that would nt allow for cards or cams etc I d prob later regret buying it

I suppose I want something that will get all the free channels

and maybe fit a card that I can upgrade the inscrioption via the web

or something but at moment I m in the dark about all that

I v had no prob getting satellites manually they seem to come up

on analogue
I m worried that trying to do that with digi might be a prob

is there a 2 second delay or something

I ll have to take a couple of digi photos of my dish and send them in

I hit on a radio show on satelite a couple of years ago

a guy on there was a mine of sat info and I think in the trade

was he calle d Wiltshire ?

I think hes been on qvc as well


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mmmjess said:
I've had no prob getting satellites manually they seem to come up on analogue, I'm worried that trying to do that with digiral might be a problem
(I'll just add the punctuation for you....)

Are you referring to finding satellites? Most modern receivers have a signal strenght meter built in, choose a frequency, symbol rate and FEC. And then move your dish about. The easier option is to buy a satellite finder - these are cheap and easy to get hold of. Some satellites still carry the odd Analogue channel, you can use your Analogue receiver to line up your dish and scan for digital channels. When you look for a digital receiver consider going for a "Blind Search Receiver" that will search all frequencies/symbol rates/FECs and get you the maximum number of channels (many digital receivers only scan channels available in their internal databases).... hope that helps, if I understood your question right.....

My Satellite Setup
1.25 mter dish
pace analogue at moment
No at the moment I have this 1 .25 metre dish and a

pace analogue sat box about 5 years old

I go outside and move the dish and look at the tv through the window

you r right I could prob use old analogue channels to site up the


its just deciding on the right digital satellite box to buy

with a view to maximizing my digi channels

and encryption card s and getting the codes via the net etc

I m just in the dark as to what to get as I v only used analogue in

the past

thanks for the quick reply I even got e mail notification this time !!