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Can you help me with a fta card that does not seem to work. I have a fta card and have tried to activate it, but it is not working. I live in Denmark and wanted an extra card for bbc etc. I was wondering if they send the signal only to the uk, as everybody I know, has had theirs activated in the uk. BBC has said, that there is no problem with the signal being sent to activate it. It´s an amstrad 100. I know that they are not the most reliable machines, but I have never had a problem with the other box.


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Hi Scotty, there is another member who has just had a similar experience with an Amstrad 100, but in Germany. There should be little difference whether you are in Denmark or the UK, providing that you are receiving the default transponder and the all of the others.

You can first check that your EPG software is up to date, it should be 2.8b or later and your operating system 1.2S4Bc. If it isn't then do a forced update.

How many times have they sent out the signal? It wasn't until I think the fourth occasion that the EPG started showing the channels, but still no BBC1. Try a search for other channels on 11.719 H for BBC1 and see if you can srore it. it may be there already. Also worth looking for the others as well.



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Just to confirm one of the points raised:
the activation signals are presumably transmitted on multiple transponders, as evidenced by the fact that the instructions to activate do not require the box to be tuned to one of any partuicular subset of channels.
I've had umpteen boxes activated out here in the Netherlands, so Denmark should prove no problem either (we aren't that far apart).