FTA Highlights 19e (English Audio) 23rd July



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All the following are in English audio, are Free-To-Air (anyone can watch them) and are on 19e. This is for Saturday the 23rd July:


All times are European Time. UK Time is -1 hour.


Tell me whether you prefer the new layout or not! :)


BBC World programing is subject to delay or disruption following Breaking news reports on yesterdays events in London.


MTV DE Also Available on 13e as MTV Switzerland

12:00 True Life / Reality TV Show

13:30 Access All Areas / Docu-Series

14:00 One Bad Trip / Music-Series

14:30 The Ashlee Simpson Show / Series

16:00 The Simple Life / Reality TV Show

16:30 Newlyweds / Reality TV Show

18:00 Room Raiders / Alternative Dating Show

18:30 MTV DisMissed / Alternative Dating Show

19:00 Access All Areas / Docu-Series

19:30 Pimp My Ride / Gameshow

23:00 Pimp My Ride / Gameshow

23:30 Pimp My Ride / Gameshow

00:00 Jackass / Stunt Comedy

00:30 Jackass / Stunt Comedy


17:00 Brainiac / General Enterainment

BBC World Also available on 13e, 1w, and other assorted sats

07:30 Earth Report / BBC's Flagship Environmental Series

08:30 Click Online / Documentary about Computers + the internet

09:10 Africa Lives / Docu-Series Season

10:30 Rough Science / Edu-Series

11:30 Top Gear / Motor Docu-Series with Jeremy Clarkson

16:10 Africa Lives / Docu-Series Season

17:10 Africa Lives / Docu-Series Season

18:30 Top Gear / Motor Docu-Series with Jeremy Clarkson

21:10 The World Uncovered / Talkshow / Part of Africa Lives Season

22:30 Rough Science / Edu-Series

02:30 Earth Report / BBC's Flagship Environmental Series

CNBC Europe Also available on 30w

14:00 CNBC Sports / Sports Including Golf and Tennis

21:00 Tonight Show With Jay Leno / Popular US Talkshow

21:45 Late Show With Conan O' Brien / Popular US Talkshow

TV Gusto

22:00 Chefs At Sea / Cooking Program

22:30 Giorgio Locatelli - Pure Italian / Cooking Program


06:00 English For Beginners / Edu-Series / 5 Episodes

14:15 Inside The British Isles / Docu-Series??

18:15 Bob Ross, The Joy Of Painting / Arts

00:25 Bob Ross, The Joy Of Painting / Arts

Eurosport (Live Sport) (English in ANALOGUE Only)

11:00 FIVB World Tour / Beach Volleyball

14:15 FIM British Grand Prix / Motorsport

15:00 Tour De France / Cycling

18:00 UEFA U19 World Championships / Football / Germany V Northern Ireland

20:00 UEFA U19 World Championships / Football / England V Norway

23:00 FINA World Championships / Swimming

Tango TV

No Bloomberg For Some reason today..

20:00 Celebrities / General Entertainment

23:30 MT Movie / General Entertainment


17:00 UK Ranking Charts / Music

22:00 Hosted By.. / Music

Terra Nova

14:00 Prime Time Documentary / Wildlife Documentary

19:00 Prime Time Documentary / Wildlife Documentary

Deutche Welle

08:30 Euromaxxx / Daily Magazine Program

14:30 Euromaxxx / Daily Magazine Program


The following channels have English programs NEARLY all the time:

Clear TV - VERY low budget older stuff, washed out picture, general entertainment.

CNN - news

Travel Channel - Like Sky Travel but more low budget. Travel Documentaries

Raceworld - Motor Sport (think Motors TV)

CNBC - Financial News

BBC World - News and Documentaries

Sky News - news

Check www.digitalsat.co.uk for Frequencies


Check out my new satellite page - it has more detailed info of what is on 19e in english. Click here

I am currently trying to find listings for ClearTV using Google NL. Anyone that can speak Dutch that could help please say. I have emailed ClearTV asking why the site has not been updated


Any information on English on 19.2e not mentioned would be very much appreciated


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