FTV card and new digibox

Hi there.

I have bought a second hand sony digibox and an active yellow house sky card off ebay. the problem i have is that the card and box dont go together. so when i go to a channel that requires a card i.e. ITV2 it says the card is not for this box replace with correct card or call sky. problem is should i call sky? the card wont be for my address and i dont have a subscription.

i did here someone say that you dont get ITV2 on FTV anyway. and another puzzle.... there is no ITV Channel4 and 5 in the list.. do i need to add thies? if so how.

Thanks for you help and advice.



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Yes you won’t get ITV2 on a FTV card anyway so there is no point in calling Sky, but the other channels (ITV/Ch4+5) should work in any digibox.

Leave the card in the box for a while and see if the channels appear on the EPG (it can take up to a day for the card to reactivate itself if it has been out of a box for a while).
If that doesn’t work, or you don’t want to wait, try a new installation. Press Services then 4 0 1 Select in quick succession and select new installation.