Gates: We'll build best search engine

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Jun 26, 2007
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He may be retiring as Microsoft chairman in on July 1, but Bill Gates has confessed that he will still be coming into the office to work on his pet projects – including building the best search engine for the internet.
Gates is stepping away from his daily duties at Microsoft to concentrate on his charity, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, but he will continue in an advisory role for the company that he helped build to its current size.
Foundation and search
As Microsoft showed off its next Operating System, Windows 7, Gates confessed that he would be splitting his time 80/20 in favour of his Foundation – but would be focusing on trying to assail Google’s dominance of internet search.
"I'm very involved in search, the internal development," Gates told the BBC. "We will build the world's best search."
Searching for success
Microsoft’s track-record in search will not sit comfortably with Gates, with Live Search still picking up only a tiny fraction of internet search traffic.
Companies are now battling to perfect more semantic search engines that interpret what the user actually wants from their searches and allows them to interact as they would with another human by asking questions.