German to take part in fight with no rules



A German is to become the first ever European to take part in the world's most brutal tournament - the Sanda fight in China.

Andre Mewis, 31, from Berlin, has been training for the fight for two years.

The sport, known as Sanda, is a mix of judo, karate, boxing and kung-fu and there are no rules.

Everything is allowed, kicking, biting and punches and the fights often end in serious injury or in some cases death.

He said he had been taking his participation very seriously, training up to 11 hours a day with two Shaolin monks, foregoing s_x and not drinking. And he is confident of success. He says: "I will leave China the winner."

The karate champion added it is not just about muscles and strength. He said: "They are minor points. A fighter's mind is his best weapon.

"It is like a game of chess. Just one correct move is enough to ensure your opponent is taken out."

The fight will take place in the Chinese town of Zhengzhou in October.