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Jun 26, 2007
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T-Mobile is bolstering its Mobile Jukebox music store today by making 100,000 albums available to download.

Prices start at £6 and a clever 'dual download' system will send an AAC version of anything you buy to your 3G phone, while whizzing a WMA version to your PC.

The 100,000 new albums include the likes of Madonna, Duffy and Pendulum, and these electronic LPs sit alongside the 1.2 million standalone tracks that are already available to T-Mobile users.

Gareth Williams, UK Entertainment Manager at T-Mobile said: "We’ll have a huge variety of albums available, from top ten bands such as Coldplay and The Ting Tings, to up and coming new artists."

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To celebrate the addition of its album content, T-Mobile is giving away a free album. The offer is only for a limited time and you're only eligible for it if you join T-Mobile or renew/upgrade a T-Mobile contract.

It's worth pointing out that the Mobile Jukebox is more expensive than rival download services. For example: the Futureheads album, This Is Not The World, sells for £10 on the T-Mobile Mobile Jukebox. Compare that to a £7.99 price tag on iTunes, £8 on the Nokia Music Store and £7.97 via Tesco Digital.

Despite this higher-than-average pricing, T-Mobile already claims over 1 million of its 99p tracks were sold and downloaded in 2007. Convenience is often king as far as impulse music buys are concerned.

In fact, recent stats from the Official UK Charts Company show digital album sales are up by 69.3% in January. T-Mobile's over-the-air, dual download setup is designed to earn the network a bigger slice of the giant-sized mobile music pie.