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I'd really like to be able to receive the main French Terrestrial TV channels, in particular TF1, FR2, M6 etc and I'd like some advice about the best way to do it.

From what I've read, it seems that the only option would be to purchase a TNTSAT receiver from ebay and plug this into my minidish which is currently pointing at 19.2e.

I'd like to know a bit more about these TNTSAT receivers because I've seen a few comments which suggest that some people think they're a bit crap.

I guess my questions could be summarised as follows:
  1. Is this really my best option to receive French & German channels on one box.
  2. Would a TNTSAT box allow me to continue viewing all of the German FTA stuff on 19.2e?
  3. Can a TNTSAT Box be used to drive a motor? (I'd like to go motorised as well, but only really want one box / dish)
Once again, any help would be gratefully received.

Thanks all! :)


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There are other ways to get the French Terrestrial channels including the ABsat package, with a cost of approx £99 for a year. Broadcasted mainly on 13E but some channels also on 19E. To get the French terrestrial channels a French address is required to be supplied.

That package does not require an official box, any box with a CAM slot will work, as the card works with a viaccess CAM.

1. I think TNTsat is probably the cheapest way, but not necessarily the best if you want to do other things but only have one box.
2. Yes, you can view German FTA on a TNTsat box.(Digital only of course)
3. I don't think so, Ive not noticed that option in the menus, but not sure.