Getting sceptical.



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A few weeks ago i replied to a posting from a guy basically demanding files and codes etc. Somebody else had posted a message saying that he was fed up about having to buy various cards and cams etc at regular intervals to keep up his viewing habits. On both occasions i had a bit of a rant and basically told them to wise up.Other people left messages as well backing me up.
BUT, lately i have seen evidence that certain cam manufactures are sort of dropping some support for a cam that was supposed to be equipped for the future .....ish.
Having been involved in the industry for 16 years i understand the reasons why encryptions change and vary themselves.This is just a cat and mouse game that we are all playing BUT at the moment even i am becoming sceptical about some manufactures.
I am not a file guy and i have great respect for all people involved in our game.
There are still files for gold cards,ds9 silver cards and all the other ice scrapers that are festering next to your receiver.
Seca 2 has been around for ages.Yet many cams have come out with the ability to be upgraded via software changes.The basics of the seca 2 encryption has not changed,it will vary but there will also be certain parameters that need to be kept to.
I may be wrong on this as my knowledge of the ins and outs is very limited.
BUT as in the case of the matrix cam,this could be flashed to make it in to a reloaded cam.
There is more to this but just bear with me.
The matrix reloaded cam will accept genuine seca 2 cards.So it has the abillity to decode seca 2.
BUT now that files are available for this a new cam has arrived.
What i trying badly to say is that the time scale that these cams are coming out is to short.
I know i will never get an everlasting gobstopper or a car that will run on water ,but releasing cams every few months when there have been no major scrambling changes is a bit much.

Maybe by the time i have wrote this rant,somebody may release an upgrade for the reloaded that will disprove my thoughts.

Im sure that you all will have thoughts on this and i am prepared to take some flak.

Please enlighten me.