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Hey guys just found this place think ill stick around i just installed my 65cm dish outside my house and have a comag sl 35 receiver with rs 232 port and i am about to buy the rs 232 to usb cable to upgrade the software so can you point me in the right direction in understanding these things

1. What software will i use to load the firmware once i have installed the drivers that come with the disc?

2. Once the drivers are installed does the reciever appear in my computer (Like connecting a external hard drive) ? the official patch available on a comag website ?

please answer my questions and i really appricate it



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Welcome to the forum videogamingtown

So why do you want to upgrade the software, what is the stb not doing that you want it to? Have you got it working? Have you scanned for channels? what sat are you pointing at?

If you are after links etc, I notice that the Portuguese section tend to have threads for this stb but the links wqill still be valid and you could always use the google translator here but change from Spanish to Portuguese if you get stuck.