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I suspect it's possible to record the ts (video stream) from my 500S (the docs say it's TBD) to that end I got hold of ggrab in source code and compiled it clean for Readhat 9 (built like a dream in about 10 seconds) However the small amount of documentation is in German making it hard to follow.

Part of my problem is I can't see what it's supposed to?

I have an NFS mount on /hdd/ with a directory called movie. There seems to be no button to do a 'record' on the normal remote (however choosing file "mode does" reveal what looks like a VCR front panel) No matter, a browser pointed at the DM shows a record button.

The infra-red control (expert settings) allows one to configure for NGRAB. It found my MAC address etc. The default setting is port 4000. Q1, is that a remote port (on my server?)

Even without grrab etc the 500S seems to create an empty file with the name of the current programme (via NFS) but no content.

The ggrab source builds 'sserver' (steaming server) that does listen on port 4000 (I did a netstat -n) but other than that I can't see what it's supposed to do??? The ggrab has a different port number (which does not even seem legal, so maybe it's not an IPv4 port?)

so Q2: why NFS AND a remote server, one or the other surely?
Q3: if it's sssever that sits on port 4000, how do I get to save the stream?
if it's ggrab how does it work?

BTW: I also found mm4dbox (a shell script) which allows all sort of clever stuff
like watching video from the DM via mplayer on your desktop (almost live) the using it like a PVR (pause live TV etc) ... this script shows there is a URL on the DM (http://xxxx/zap?some arg) which allows the script to discover the vpid/apid etc of the current channel, which is needed for example by ggrab (but why!!?)