Glasgow Sat installers?



Hi all,

Looking for a Glasgow Sat installer, to install motorized system. Any reccomendations?

Also, what size of dish will i need in this area?

Finally, I have a barratt styles fairly new house, and was wondering if it is better to put dish going up side of wall with bracckets, or on the ground. I am worried, that while i will get better coverage on side with pole, It may need re-aligning every so often, which is easier to do on ground level. Will these kind of houses hold a 1.1m dish?

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Hello Digisatman

I am a licensed satellite installer from Glasgow, but I now live here in Minneapolis/St. Paul USA I wish I could come over and install your system, I would do it for free if you pay for the flight :p

When you book the flight I would rather fly into Edinburgh and walk to Glasgow, seems Glasgow Airport is closed right now 'O'-red

I lived in Glasgow for many years and used a 1m dish for Ku Band with great results. I also lived in a Barratt Home in Millerston so I am fimiliar with the buildings.

You could safely mount a 1m dish on any brick surface but I would not advise mounting it on any other surface of the house. My home had a brick side and what we call "Stucco" on all other sides, this surface will not support any weight and because there is metal mesh below the surface finding a stud is difficult. A roof mount is a last resort and since I know what the weather is like 350 days a year in Glasgow drilling any kind of hole in the roof is a BAD idea.

I had my 1m dish mounted on the ground and it was ideal for tinckering and testing out LNB's....

Hope this helps and I'll take a Sunday Mail and six well fired rolls if your going to the shop this morning!

And a bottle of Irn Bru :-worship