Globo 6000 DVB software & info needed



My Satellite Setup
Globo 6000
My Location
Odessa, Ukraine
Hello all,
I am new to this forum and need some assistance:

I am in Odessa, Ukraine. I have a Globo 6000 reciever that I use to watc programs on Hotbird 13, Sirius2_3, AMos1, AStra. When looking at system info screen this is what it shows me.

Model 550D
Loader 1.0.7 SW ver. EMU Manufactuer Star Track
Date Jul, 12 2005

I did test loading Truman 150 software on it and it worked but not great. What I need to know is this, what is the best loader software for this model ? and othe software for channel lists, keys, etc... I am new to this and will to do most of the research on my own, but could use some pointers, etc..

Thanks in Advance....

Also, I want to buy a nice system, if you had your choice what would be the best reciever for programing, updating, adding my on channel lists, keys etc...any wishlists out there ? remember Im in Ukraine so it may be hard to find some models