Globo Digital 5000 - Can anybody help?



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Sky+ HD, DM800HD Clone on Astra 19.2E
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Hi all, new to the board so go easy! I recently purchased one of these recievers on a trip to Poland and I have to say I'm quite impressed with it, considering it was quite the bargain.
I'm after a little help if possible, as I have now learned (at least I think I have!) that this reciever's software can be patched to allow extra channels to be recieved. Now, as you probably gathered, my knowledge of this is quite limited (as in I'm not even sure if I'm posting this in the right place or even if I'm allowed to post this at all - if not, mods feel free to do your worst, and I apologise! :D ), so I'm really looking for some basic advice about what to do.
I've found this website, which appears to give details on how to do it - unfortunately Polish isn't my strong point! Can anybody translate for me as to the general 'jist' of the thing or recommend another source? As well as this I need to know that if I do use this software on my box A) its not going to kill it, :cool: its not going to cause it to lose it's English menus (as it already defaults to Polish after a factory reset) and C) if it works, how often would I need to update it with the keys to keep it working (again my knowledge of which is rubbish at best!)?

Thanks in advance.