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GLOSSARY: Info Jargon for newbies


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I posted this on steve's site ages ago, if you are putting a forum of how to on, it may help newbies understand some abbreviations,
if not delete it.

Card and file jargon

AU = Auto Update
BIN = File extension for binary file format
CAM = Conditional Access Module
ECM = Electronic Counter Measure
EEPROM = Electrically Eraseable Programmable Read Only Memory
HEX = File extension for Hexadecimal file format
MK = Management Key
MOSC = Modified Original Smart Card
PCB = Printed Circuit Board
PIC = Programmable Intergrated Circuit
PPUA = Program Provider Users Address
PPV = Pay Per View
RU = Remote Update
UA = Unique Address
GW = Gold Wafer (card)

Dish, LNB & Receiver Jargon

LNB/LNC = Low Noise Block Converter
DiseqC = Digital Satellite Equipment Control (used for switching LNBs or moving dishes.