Go!View PSP video download service unveiled

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Jun 26, 2007
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PlayStation and Sky have just sent over the first details on the rather exciting-sounding*Go!View, a partnership between the two gaming and entertainment giants set up to deliver the first official PSP video download service in*Europe later in the summer.
"Go!View*will provide a wealth of programming from the worlds of entertainment, comedy, sport and movies for PSP owners to enjoy in addition to their usual gaming experience," Sony’s press release informs us.
PSP users will be able to create their own individual TV schedule on their handheld, with Sky and PlayStation claiming that the*joint venture provides "a service that makes portable, video-on-demand a reality".*
Ultimate portable TV
Users will pay a monthly subscription (with the cost still ‘to be confirmed’) and then be able to download content to the PSP via their PC.
"Go!View*allows PSP users to take advantage of a unique service, adding another dimension to*PSP’s*offering," said Owen*Jenkinson,*Go!View*marketing manager.
Jenkinson added: "The opportunity to watch top TV and movies on-the-go and on-demand will allow PSP*owners to enjoy their favourite entertainment on their own terms, enhancing the*PSP’s*offering as a portable gaming console."
PlayTV versus Go!View
The Go!View service is not to be confused with Sony’s own PlayTV, which essentially turns your PS3 into a freeview tuner digital video recorder from which you can stream TV content and movies over the internet to your PSP on the go.
More info on the imminent launch of that service is due from a Sony press event scheduled in for early May.
"Go!View*is a perfect marriage of great content and leading on-demand technology from Sky and the best portable device to watch it on from PlayStation," said Alison Turner, managing director of Go!View.
The Go! portfolio
Go!View*is the latest addition to the PSP’s Go! portfolio of products, which already includes*Go!Messenger, a wireless communication package for PSP and*theGo!Cam camera attachment.
For further information of the Go! range you can check out the cutesy (and Flash-heavy) gopspgo site.