Going Digital



A Government advisor said today that viewers could be paid to make the switch to digital television.

With the Government planning to end all analogue broadcasts by 2010, Barry Cox has said that some people may have to be paid to make the change.

Cox said such scheme has been put in place successfully in Berlin.

Cox said there were only two ways of making everyone switch to a digital source, such as a set-top digital box, cable or satellite.

"One is to pay people to switch, the other is to force them," he said.

"My view, and it is only a private one, is that it will be a mixture of both."

The recent switch to digital in Berlin saw the authorities give financial assistance to those people on benefits.


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Wow, did he come up river on the banana boat?

Tell people that they will be paid to make the change and that is what they will wait for........What a jerk.