Gold Card /Original Card



I am new to all this technical stuff, so could someone answer the following questions.1. Why does my gold card work perfect throughout the day on all channels including ppv, then at evening I get the message cannot validate smartcard.
2. My original on digital card was programmed when I first got my system (3 months ago)and is still working apart from ppv.
Will itv digital know that my original card has been tampered with.

Thanks K.G


The evening problem maybe due to an ECM. Are you using one of the latest hexes such as Kevlar 1.64, Omega 1.60, Threat 4.01-itv, Keylog 6.2e ? If not then get one of them and see if it stops.

I read something recently that when an OSC becomes an MOSC there maybe some kind of marker added that means that the card was updated by a non-standard means. Also, that the box itself may log what channels are viewed. If both these are true then if you ever return the card and box back to ITV then they maybe able to interogate the kit and determine that you have been viewing unsubscribed channels. I have only seen this the once so it may be FUD.

Of course if all this is true then you could always chew the card up before returning so it is unreadable, and maybe do a factory reset on the box ? Anyway, are ITV really gonna bother to check every box and every card returned and then follow up to see if you admit to using a goldcard or are they more likely to spend their time and money prosecuting traders ?