Good (improved?) 2F reception in Eastern Denmark



Just wanted to share some good experience relating to 2F reception in Eastern DK.
It is now fully feasible for me to receive 2F channels most of the day on a 100cm dish in Copenhagen.

It seems it is much easier to get 2F than 2E here on the east-coast.
This is as theoretically expected, but empirical evidence now shows that it is indeed much easier.

In the past couple of days I have been playing around with the CM100 installation I did just over a month ago.

The main point was to explore the behaviour of various set-top boxes when re-winding and fast-forward'ing video on a DVR box. For this I had been using various Sky and Freesat boxes, and just wanted to tune to Sky News, or one of the 28.5 channels.

When browsing channels the other day, I saw Channel 5 come in, but seemed to remember something about this being temporarily on 2A or similar (but it didn't ring true).
Then connecting a Humax iCord, I zapped past ITV1 HD, which came in loud and clear on the box. Zapping around showed that a good few other channels came in with no probs too, including a bunch of HD channels.

Checking Lyngsat reveals that all these channels are on 2F...

So, either I just haven't bother to check previously, or something has changed?
Reports from other parts of Europe suggests that something may have changed, but it might also be that I have habitually always checked channels on 2E (BBC mux 1 etc).
And today was complete overcast, with some slight rain in the air...

Checked out the other channels on 2F, and they're all fully receiveable (at least in the afternoon).

It may just be wintertime, as someone suggests in another thread in this section, but it feels like somethings gone better in the past couple of weeks.