Google updates the Trends

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Jun 26, 2007
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Google has updated its Trends service, which allows users to compare search volumes for different terms entered into the engine, by adding in numbers.

The service now includes scale reference numbers on the y-axis of the graph, allowing users to compare how search volumes have changed since the first time the search was made (or the earliest Google has data for).

It would have been nice to see some kind of ACTUAL numbers in the Trends section, i.e. how many times people have looked for stuff.

An ice trend

Google uses the example of vanilla ice-cream. If the first amount of searches is known as 1.00, then the rest of the search volumes can be compared. Obviously the search peaks in the summer, hitting around 3.00.

Equally, this means if you were to compare vanilla and chocolate ice-cream search volume, you would see overall chocolate is searched for around 30 per cent more.

All very dull really for the average user. But if you’re a business looking to work out what kind of item to stock, you can look at the Trends and see what people are actually looking for.

Still would have been nice to see how many people actually are Googling your name each day (probably just the one).