Google's Android: embraced by designers?

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Jun 26, 2007
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You’ve got to love a bit of conceptuality in mobile telephony, even if it does shun some of the principles of physics(-ish).
The Mimique concept phone, by RKS design in the US, is described as “playful and engaging”. Of more interest is the notion it will use the new open source mobile phone software, believed to be Google’s Android.
The phone itself looks like a fusion of both the iPhone and the antenna-sporting phones of five years ago (was it really that recent?), so clearly has ‘I am a phone, look at me’ concept leanings.
Have it your own way
RKS intends to make the devise as customisable as possible for the user, with downloadable ‘skins’ and features.
The company also says users won’t need to buy a new phone to get new features, as these can be downloaded. Does this mean The Mimique already comes packed with every kind of hardware known to man? Otherwise it might struggle to be properly future-proof.
It seems bizarre to develop a concept phone, with no set date for release or price, but still to include the OS it may use.
It is likely the ideology of open source programming on the mobile platform is inspiring more than mobile phone developers; artists and designers are seeing it as a form of expression too.
Though it seems unlikely a screen could be made that wide with conventional LCD technology without a frame. OLED anyone?