Got MK/PPUA - Kevlar 1.6 AU?



Okay, don't know much about ITVDig cos I've never had a box. But gotta m8 who has, so want to knock him up an AU card.
I have AU cards working for Viaccess and Seca on satellite, and thanx to friends have PPUA and MK for ITVDig, too.
Couple of quick questions: with Viaccess, for instance, you get UA (unique address) and SA (shared address) providers. Guess since ITVDig has got a reasonably large subscriber base, it's an SA user - hence the PPUA. PPUA = SA + CUSTWP. Is the CUSTWP gonna be important for ITVDig? With most software for Viaccess you can effectively set it to 00.
I see PBM when I open Kevlar 1.6 in picbined, which you don't get with Via files. I guess this just sorts how much of the ITV package any card will get, and since Kevlar 1.6 is designed to work it all, am I right in thinking I don't need to touch the PBM?
Finally, better just make sure Kevlar 1.6 can AU? And does it need just one or all of the usual 00, 01 and 04 keys to AU?
Appreciate all advice from anyone who's already got an AU card up and running :)


Kevlar is not an AU code.
You need Keylog or Midas.



Thanx, m8
Odd that Kevlar shows up the 00 MKs option when you pop it in picbined - normally files which don't AU, don't. But what do I know about ONdig stuff?
I'll try Midas then. And the question about the PBM - anyone? Presumably all AU software already has it set at the right code for the full package?
If they don't, could anyone be so kind as to post or pm me the right one for the full package.